Wilderness Guides strives to lead by example for the good of our beautiful natural surroundings by following sustainable practices.

Caring For Our Environment

Wilderness Guides environmentally-friendly initiatives include:

  • Stocking water bottles for our clients that are made of plant-based materials and are collected for specialist composting, and limiting our use of plastic bags.
  • Recycling other types of waste, using environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever practical in our kayaks, and supporting local efforts to reduce and reuse commercial marina waste.
  • Participating with the Department of Conservation “SMART” programme to promote responsible behaviour around dolphins, whales and seals. We are proud to follow the Marine Mammals Protection Regulations 1992 which ensure the marine mammals of New Zealand are protected and that their conservation is a top priority.

Tiaki Promise

Wilderness Guides supports the Tiaki Promise - a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations.

Tiaki - Care for New Zealand has been set up by a group of New Zealand tourism organisations to actively encourage local and international travellers to care for our country as much as we do.

Tiaki means to care for people and place. 

The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations.


Wilderness Guides owner Marlborough Tour Company's values align with Tiaki and we wholeheartedly get behind the Tiaki Promise. We encourage all locals and visitors to Marlborough to act as guardians of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Use the Tiaki hashtag to show your support:


For more information, head to the Tiaki website.

Tiaki Promise banner.

Marlborough Sounds Conservation

By travelling with us, you’re helping to support local conservation initiatives dedicated to enhancing and protecting the natural environment of the Marlborough Sounds for future generations.
Wilderness Guides and Marlborough Tour Company support local community groups that share a similar vision - to preserve and restore the environment we live and work in. Find out more about these great projects:


Endeavour Inlet Conservation Trust logo.

The Endeavour Inlet Conservation Trust does great work protecting and enhancing the incredible native ecosystems that make the Marlborough Sounds so special and unique.

Driven by the community, the trust supports conservation projects in the hills surrounding Endeavour Inlet, and broader Sounds environmental efforts.

For many years, Cougar Line has supported this work by transporting people and equipment to the inlet at no charge to carry out their important work.

After all, caring for the stunning natural beauty we enjoy every day is everyone’s responsibility.


Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust logo.

Wilderness Guides is proud to support the Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust by donating our services and funds towards their important work for our local environment.

For many years, the trust has focused on conservation work, primarily the systematic control of wilding pines to encourage the regeneration of native bush and restore the iconic landscape of the Sounds.

If left unchecked, pine trees can overtake native plants as the dominant species. Pine tree by pine tree, this dedicated group of locals has made significant headway into restoring our Marlborough Sounds paradise.

We can see the great progress being made to restore the splendour of the unique New Zealand native bush.


Kaipupu Sanctuary is a mainland island in Picton Harbour, not far from Wilderness Guides base.

This community project aims to restore the 40-hectare peninsula by supporting the regeneration of native bush and wildlife through extensive pest trapping, weed control, planting of native seedlings, the release of native bird species and other conservation work.

The sanctuary, protected by a predator proof fence, is not only a recovering haven for wildlife, but has an environmental education programme popular with school groups from Marlborough and further afield.

Marlborough Tour Company is proud to be a Rimu Sponsor for this fantastic community conservation achievement.


Picton Dawn Chorus logo.

Picton Dawn Chorus is a hugely successful community-driven programme that aims to reduce the number of introduced predator species in and around the Picton township that threaten our native flora and fauna.

New Zealand’s wildlife is under significant threat from these predators that eat native birds, their eggs and chicks as well as lizards and weta. To reduce pest numbers, Picton Dawn Chorus uses humane and environmentally sensitive methods of predator control, and traps are checked regularly by volunteers.

Wilderness Guides is proud to support this initiative, and particularly the hard work of all the volunteers who give their time in order to bring back the dawn chorus to Picton and its surrounding areas. 

The Marlborough Tour Company Green Team

Marlborough Tour Company’s dedicated Green Team, which comprises of staff members who are passionate about making our company as environmentally sustainable as we can, is always developing new and improved ways to reduce waste and improve environmental efficiency, while further enhancing the excellent visitor experience we are known for.